Marking message as OT (Off-Topic) and why it matters

While the primary purpose of our message boards is to facilitate civil, informative, on-topic investment discussion (whether equity or commodity specific, or perhaps industry-related or even general market and macro-economic, depending on the board you are posting on), we know that investors are people too. And sometimes members feel the urge to post about unrelated, "Off-Topic" matters (for example, a professional sporting event, an upcoming vacation, etc.). When done in moderation, that shouldn't be a problem. But if you plan to post Off-Topic, please be respectful of other members who may not have as much time to weed through such messages. First, mark your message as OT (Off-Topic). Second, post OT sparingly. Often, if you just think about it, the OT message you want to post is really meant for one or two of your "friends" on the board.  In that case, a PM (private message) would be more appropriate.  Either that, or consider setting up your own Group board where you can discuss whatever issues you want, however "Off-Topic" they may be. 

So, just how do you mark a message "Off-Topic?"  Easy. 

Step 1.  Click Post to open the message composition box. 

Step 2.  Change the default category for your message from GN (General) to OT (Off-Topic)

Step 3.  Compose your message. 

Your message will now appear on the board as OT. 

NOTE: This is also important because many members use the "On Topic Only" filter, which will hide all message marked OT.  If you don't clearly mark Off-Topic messages as such, this reduces the value of the OT filter and if done repeatedly, after fair warning, this may be considered abuse of our service, which could result in a suspension or loss of posting privileges.