Each individual message board community at InvestorVillage has its own quirks and idiosyncrasies, depending to a large degree on the composition of its members and the unofficial ground rules they may have laid out and agreed upon for themselves.
Some groups will tolerate a lot more OT posts than others.  If you are on a board that has a disproportionate amount of OT posts and/or you just don't want to read any OT posts, the good news is that with just a couple of clicks you can filter the board to hide all message marked OT (Off-Topic)

Step 1.  Go to the board in question and c
lick the gray view filter (w/ the default All Messages setting) and click on it to open the view filter drop-down menu.  

Step 2.  Select On Topic Only from the view filter drop-down menu

Your page should now look like this: